After-School Circus Clubs

Does your school have a Phoenix Youth Circus Arts after-school circus club? If so, information about your club is at the links below. If not, why not? Circus clubs can be funded through a combination of grants, school funds, tax credit donations, or fees collected from participant families.

In a circus club, students learn the basics of circus arts – including various types of juggling, balancing, ground acrobatics, and clowning in once-a-week sessions, usually of 90 minutes duration. In some cases, facilities permit doing aerial arts as well. PYCA after-school circus clubs are geared towards the social/emotional/physical development of the individual and the group – circus arts happen to be a way to achieve this development that is particularly fun! The balance of individual initiative and perseverance required to master circus arts and the teamwork and creativity required to create group acts and shows is unique – and adaptable to all ages, and types of kids. Students are expected to try out all the different skills, from unicycling, tumbling, and juggling with flower sticks to stilt-walking, human pyramids, and ball juggling. But students also get to make choices about what to work hardest on and what act or acts to perform in a show. Participating in a circus club will not just develop a student’s coordination, strength, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination; it will also develop their creativity and an empowering sense of how their individual effort can enhance a group endeavor.

Students are introduced from the very first day to circus as a performing art – these skills are gifts to share with others! Kids are encouraged to demonstrate what they have been working on at the end of each practice session by participating with others doing the same skill in an informal “show off” to music – just like in a real circus. Students are taught the most important trick – to “style and smile” – when they are done. This simple act allows an audience to acknowledge with applause that a student is doing their best and having fun, regardless of whether the trick went as planned!

Bethune School (Mondays)

ACCLAIM Academy Circus Club (Tuesdays)

Clarendon Elementary School (Wednesdays)

Emerson Elementary School (Wednesdays)

Desert Marigold School (Wednesdays and Thursdays)

Valencia Newcomers School (Thursdays)