Acclaim Academy circus kids visit Cirque du Soleil

Eighteen of the PYCA circus students from Acclaim Academy attended the opening night performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai on February 18,courtesy of Cirque du Soleil! The Canadian Circus giant supports social circus programs around the world through grants and ticket distribution – thereby helping more kids receive the benefits of circus skills education.Acclaim at Varekai

Many of the Acclaim students had never been to a live circus show before, several had not been to US Airways Arena before, and none of them had seen a Cirque du Soleil production before. They were entranced and inspired by the entire experience. They noted how strong and flexible the performers were, but they also noticed the performers did some skills that were directly related (albeit much more advanced!) to what they have been attempting in circus class.

Afterwards they got to meet one of the cast members, Emily Carragher, who was originally trained by Carlo Pellegrini at his Amazing Grace Circus Camps in Nyack, NY. Emily did some fine clowning in the show and cheerfully gave the kids a souvenir card and answered many questions.  When asked what her favorite part of the show was, she replied, “Getting to take pratfalls!”

Bus RideIMG_20150218_214129_123

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